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Wooden shelf production process
Post time 2019/3/20

A complete wooden shelf production process from the preparation of raw materials, through carpentry, paint finishing to the final product packaging storage and many other links and steps.
Many people think that the production process is very simple wooden shelves, the production steps is nothing more than a material, sealing, drilling, equipment and equipment that is three kinds of open material saws, Edge machine, row drilling. Structure points follow the 32 series disassembly connection, really have imagined so simple? Wooden shelf production process is far from your imagination so simple, exactly the same plate, the process because the production process for the different number of clear road has significantly different, ranging from one to 10 times.
And some single product panel light processing program needs to be more than 20 times. Why is there such a big difference? The reason is that the production process of the production process needs to be based on product design complexity, product materials and structure and other various factors. The more complex processes, product design factors will also be more.
Main components: raw materials, design documents, equipment and equipment, construction personnel and production management system.
Raw materials in the choice of high-quality materials under the premise, be sure to punctuality. This is the foundation. Through the design documents you can clearly guide the production of every step of the product. Do evidence. The main need to see is the effect diagram, three views, parts decomposition diagram, parts processing diagram, hardware accessories list, packaging, installation diagram, the Bill of Materials (BOM), parts processing flow chart, product manual equipment equipment Be sure to protect the personal safety of the operation.
Operation to ensure that the standardized operation of the product, can not be considered with the nature of the queue jump production. Upset the work order. So seriously affect the quality of the product, but also endanger our health.

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