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Choosing the stone display racks of different colors could increase the sale
Post time 2019/2/22

Nowadays, many merchants turn their nose to innovate and individuality serve, only keep their eye on short term interest. As a result, the products tend to be the same in many aspects. Customers desperately long for something special. Visual impact seems to be a good way in efficient sale. Colors could easily affect our mood. If we could choose stone display racks of different colors in different situations and atmospheres, even the stone display racks in the same shape would produce different effects.
1.Blue. The color of sea. It makes us feel soft and fresh. It¨s suggested to display all kinds of paper for daily use, because customers may feel the tissue is soft when finding it on the blue stone display rack.
2.Pink. Vivid and attractive for girls. It will be good to display some headwears or bracelets for girls.
3.Red. Red is the most joyous color in all colors, bright enough to catch consumers¨ eyes. It¨s especially good to display gifts or foods on Christmas Day and so on.
4.White. It looks so pure that the logo on it would be obvious to every consumer. Colorful candies are the best display.
5.Black. Solemn, elegant and mysterious. It will make whatever like watches and pipes look high-grade.
We must think about many elements except for color when we choose stone display racks. Only if we design it right according to market orientation of product, could stone display rack serve us best.

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