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Dry indoor mosaics
Post time 2018/12/13

The great thing about dry indoor mosaics is that you can use wood as a base, and that means you can put mosaics on wooden tables. Thrift shops, yard sales, and unfinished furniture stores are great sources for tables, but you can also breath new life into old tables you already have on hand.
Surface Prep
The most important concern is preparing the surface so that glue and grout can adhere to the wood. Mostly that means sanding off the varnish and furniture polish.
Many artists recommend resealing the wood with the same PVA adhesive that will be used for mounting the tile so that the wood doesn¨t suck moisture out of the grout as it hardens, (which is a process of binding moisture chemically not drying out). I rarely if ever do this because I manage to get enough glue on the surface of the wood while I am mounting the tiles.
WARNING. Never seal wooden mosaic bases with varnish or paint or anything other than the glue you will use. Mosaic adhesives (PVA glues) do not bond to oil-based materials, and these materials are a point of failure when they degrade in the future.

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