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Pebble Mosaics in Round Designs
Post time 2018/7/20

Pebble mosaics bring the outdoors in since they are made from actual river rocks which makes them very durable. These mosaics can be used on floors in addition to the more traditional surface for mosaics - walls.

Pebbles are very easy to maintain - just clean them as you would a porcelain tile surface. What makes them particularly exciting is how fun they are to design with! 

You'll find a variety of pebbles to choose from - different color pebbles, different shapes, round designs and flat ones. You'll even find pebbles with inkjet designs (to be used only on walls). The end result is unique to you and unlike any other tile installation. 

Round pebbles - how can anyone walk on those? Despite that, round pebbles are very popular for shower floors. Once you add grout to round pebble mosaics, the pebbles are really soft on the can choose any number of grout colors to complement or contrast with the pebble design. You also have a wide range of pebble mosaic colors to choose from. Pebbles are versatile. You can use them on walls, floors and even outdoors. 

Here's a fun use for pebbles... Isn't this outdoor shower design creative? The rounded black pebbles in a white grout defines a distinct space for the shower; 

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