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What You¡¯ll Need for DIY Mosaic Projects
Post time £º2018/6/27

To start making your own mosaics, you will need to buy tiles or find materials that you want to use as tiles. Depending on whether you buy prefab mosaic tiles or you want to cut your own, there are some tools and supplies you¡¯ll need or won¡¯t need.


The supplies you¡¯ll need largely depends on the type of tiles you choose, and the base where you intend to build your mosaic. Some will require mosaic glue,while others only need grout. And in some cases, you can forgo grout altogether.

Tesserae: These are your tiles, whether you choose glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone, or found objects.
Mosaic glue: This may be necessary if your tesserae won¡¯t stay put with grout only.
Grout: If you want to fill in the cracks with a cohesive look, you¡¯ll need this product. You can find colored grout, or stain it yourself.
Paint: Use acrylic paint to stain the grout when you mix it if you want a colorful grout.
Tile & grout sealer: You¡¯ll need this to create a seal to protect the grout from stains and the tiles from scratches or other damage.


Once again, depending on what type of mosaic or tiles you use, some of these tools will be unnecessary. Most of them are must-haves, though.

Hammer: Use to break large pieces of materials into smaller shards and fragments.
Tile cutter: This is for making clean cuts of ceramic and other materials.
Glass cutter: Specifically, for cutting glass cleanly.
Safety glasses: It¡¯s always important to wear safety goggles when working with sharp objects and chemicals.
Work gloves: To protect your hands when you cut or hammer materials.
Bucket: This is needed for mixing the grout and water when you¡¯re ready for this step.
Stir sticks: Obviously, you¡¯ll need something to stir your grout.
Rags/sponges: After applying grout, you¡¯ll need something to wipe off the excess.

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