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Pros and Cons of Mosaic Tiles in Your Home
Post time £º2018/6/21

As beautiful as mosaics are, they may not be practical in every room of your home. After all, who would want to sit for extended periods on a couch covered in tiles and grout? You¡¯ll have to keep a few things in mind when you choose mosaics to decorate with in your house.


Trendy: Mosaics are often considered a classic style, but occasionally the look trends upward or downward, like any style. This can increase the value of your home if you get the right buyer who sees the mosaics in your home as a bonus.
Easy to maintain: With all the protective coats and grouting, your mosaic should be easy to care for, especially if you choose glass tiles.
Unique: Good luck finding a mosaic anywhere else that looks exactly like the ones in your home. The very nature of mosaics means they will always have a one -of-a-kind look. Steer clear of the factory-produced sheets of tiles and you¡¯re more likely to keep a unique style.
Affordable: Mosaic can be an affordable option if you choose inexpensive tiles. Glass, ceramic, and natural stone are the most budget-friendly choices.


Low resale value: Although mosaics can increase the value of your home, there¡¯s also the chance that it affects the value negatively. It really depends on the market, the demographic, and whatever¡¯s currently trending. Natural stone holds its value better than some other materials.
Difficult to clean: Not all mosaics are easy to maintain. Natural stone, for example, requires kid gloves when it comes to cleaning. You may have to purchase a cleaner specifically made for stone.
Easily damaged: Glass tiles can scratch easily, which can affect the overall appearance of your mosaic. Ceramic tiles absorb water easily, and if used outside without the necessary protective coats, it can crack if there¡¯s a freeze in the winter.
Expensive: While some types of tile are affordable, there are plenty of options that might be outside your budget. Porcelain is likely to be pricier than ceramic. Simple glass tiles can be affordable, or more intricate or thicker pieces could be as expensive as quartz, marble, or granite.

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